Pet Fire Safety for Utah Pet Owners

Your pets are part of your family, so it’s important to keep them safe in the event of a fire. Learn how to prepare your pet for the worst and make sure they are protected during a fire by following this guide for Utah pet owners.

Fire safety reminders for pet owners

Be cautious when using fire with pets around. Never leave cooking unattended. Animals have been known to jump up on counters and knock over hot pots, causing burns or worse. Don’t allow pets on the counter or table when you are cooking to avoid an accident from happening.

Don’t leave matches or lighters lying around where your pet could reach them. If you have candles lit in your home, be sure they aren’t near anything flammable and that they aren’t reachable for your pet.

Keep pets away from any electrical cords or appliances that could shock them if touched by accident. Toasters and hair dryers are two examples of appliances that should be unplugged so they can protect your pet from hurting themselves.

Keep your pet’s license current and keep a collar on them

In a stressful situation, pets can be unpredictable. A fire or even the smoke alarms alone could cause a lot of fear in your animal. It is important to keep their license current and have them wear a collar in case they get scared and run off.

The nearby animal shelters here in Utah can be alerted if you are unable to find your pet after a fire. Searches will be done for your pet and a collar with proper identification will be very helpful in this situation.

Create a fire escape plan that includes your pets

For many of us, our pets are family members. That is why it’s so important to incorporate our pets in our fire escape plan. Create a plan that includes your pets and educate everyone in your home about what it is and how to follow it. There should always be a backup plan as well.

Create a pet preparedness kit that you can bring with you during a fire escape. Keep the emergency supply kit in an accessible spot that you can grab quickly when in an emergency. Include food, water, medications and other items necessary for your pet’s well-being.

It is possible to keep your pets safe during a fire if you plan for it and practice for it beforehand. Your pet depends on you for safety, so please make sure they’re protected in the case of an emergency.

If ever you experience unexpected fire damage to your Utah home, call us soon after you call emergency services. Once the fire is extinguished, our company will begin repairing your home so that you and your pet can be back in your home as quickly as possible.

Our team here at Complete Restoration is ready to respond: (801) 224-2400