American Fork resident is asleep while her house is on fire

In January of 2022, a brisk morning turned into life threatening emergency. Two police officers driving through American Fork spotted smoke coming from a house near 30 N 300 W.  American Fork Fire & Rescue stated on Facebook,

“Just before noon crews were dispatched to a residential house fire. Crews arrived on scene to find a fully engulfed house in smoke and flames that was threatening other homes.”


Image from the American Fork Fire & Rescue Facebook Page

Many officers pounded on the door of the house but there was no response. They hoped the house was empty but what they found was shocking. They were able to quickly enter the home and found a women asleep in her bedroom, completely unaware that her house was up in flames. Thankfully she was rescued safely and did not have any injuries.

Being the victim of a fire disaster like this seems unimaginable. Where do you even start to pick up the pieces? Who can you trust to provide the resources and help you need?

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