Flooded Bathroom? Follow these steps

We all know the panic of the kids screaming that there is a bathroom emergency. What is it this time, tap left running? Overflowing toilet? One can only hope there’s no bathroom water coming through the ceiling. Thankfully a flooded bathroom is a fairly common situation but damage can happen quickly and it’s important to clean it up properly. Below we’ve provided steps to take to fix the cause of the problem and how to clean up the water.

We do always recommend that if the flood requires more than a few towels, call us! We can get it cleaned up in minutes and will assess the damage with you to create a game plan.


Quickly find where the leak is coming from

Before you fix a leak, you’ve got to find it, and sometimes it’s not obvious where it is! Check each source of water in your bathroom. Check pipes, valves, fittings, damp patches, and joints and you will eventually find the source of your flooding problem. Thankfully in most bathrooms, you can easily shut off the valve to your sink and toilet if necessary. 


Turn off electricity to that area of the house

You may not think of a flooded bathroom as an electrical hazard zone, but don’t take chances. Turn off the breaker that supplies this area of the house. Before unplugging anything, make sure outlets haven’t been exposed to standing water. Once you’re sure the area is safe, remove all electrical items, such as space heaters, fans, hair tools, etc.


Clean up and dry out your bathroom

Remove the water: Use whatever you have to clean up the excess water. Towels, mops, buckets, or all of the above. If you happen to have a wet/dry vacuum this would be a great time to use it. 

Open windows: If you have windows in your bathroom it may be good to open them and get airflow. 

Mop floor: Scrub the floor with soap and water. If you feel that it needs something stronger then go ahead with a little bit of bleach in your water to kill all bacteria. 

Place fans: Get the air circulating and start the drying process by placing a few fans in the bathroom. It may take a few days for the moisture to dry out.

WARNING! If the water has been sitting for longer than a day there will be mold growth starting. Placing fans will increase mold growth. Call a damage expert before attempting to dry out your bathroom. 


Quick recap:

– Stop the source of the flood as quickly as possible.

– Cut electrical power to the bathroom for safety.

– Remove all standing water with a mop, towels, or a wet vacuum.

– Get the air circulating (open windows, fans.)


Need help with bathroom flood water damage in Utah? We can help!

We always enjoy sharing tips as we take care of Utah homeowners with flood repairs. We hope this article on bathroom flood cleanup comes in handy the next time you deal with a wet mess.

If you’re dealing with a bathroom flood that’s too big or dangerous for DIY cleanup, give us a call. We earn our reputation as one of the best flood cleanup companies in Utah County, Salt Lake County, and Wasatch County.

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