Why a Home or Apartment Flood Needs Urgent Response

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It was all hands on deck as we spent 12 straight hours responding to a 6 unit flood in a new Utah County apartment building. Shout out to our after hours crew and other Complete Restoration team members who helped! The quick response of our water damage restoration team helped to prevent further issues, and additional expenses, that could have been caused by a delayed response to this flood.

Even in areas with very low risk of flooding due to hurricanes, and other natural disasters, water damage and flooding is still something to watch out for. During the colder winter months pipes can freeze and burst causing flooding. Leaky and broken pipes can do a lot of damage to a home, especially the longer it goes unnoticed.

What To Do When You First Encounter A Flood Or Leaky Pipes?

During a flood you will want to move your belongings away from the flooded area as soon as possible. If you are renting, contact your landlord as soon as possible. A water and flood restoration team should also be contacted immediately to begin cleanup and to stop the leaking or flooding, if necessary.

The Complete Restoration flood damage restoration team deals with these situations all of the time and will use the latest technology and equipment to restore your apartment or home. Additionally, they will help to prevent the buildup of mold and other problems that can arise from untreated water damage, which also helps to prevent related health issues. Our professional mold removal team can also resolve any existing mold issues.

What Should I Do After the Flood?

Typically the water damage to the building itself – the structure and any appliances provided with the unit – fall under your landlord’s insurance. Your own renter’s insurance may cover damage to your personal property, although you will need to check with your insurance provider regarding the specific details and situation.

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