What to do about a home fire (before, during, and after)

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Proper home fire safety requires careful preparation before and quick action during a fire. Fire is fast, and can quickly overwhelm a building and fill it with smoke. There are many ways to prepare for a fire, and practice makes perfect. Complete Restoration, Utah’s premier disaster restoration company, has some helpful tips for you:

Install and maintain smoke alarms

Install alarms on all levels of your home on the outside and inside every room where people sleep. They should be tested monthly and have regular battery replacements. Children should be familiarized with the sound of your fire alarm and taught what the sound means.

Make a safety plan

Discuss the signs of fire and escape routes with family ahead of time. Plan multiple escape routes from every room and decide on a safe spot to meet outside. Just as you test your alarms, your family should run through a practice fire drill once a year. There are many creative ways to practice your escape, like wearing a blindfold or practicing at night. Teach everyone to stop, drop, and roll.

Stock up on supplies

Keep flashlights in every room in case a fire starts during the night. Make sure that upstairs bedrooms have access to a ladder. Place a fire extinguisher in the house and teach every family member how to use it. If possible, store a 72 hour kit near the meeting place outside the home.

Contact help

It is important to call 911 in an emergency – this may be easy to forget in a panic. Make sure to set up a communication network for your family. This will help everyone locate one another after an evacuation and in requesting help from other family, friends, or neighbors.

Fire! Evacuate the house

Do not go back into a burning home – once outside, go to the family meeting place and call 911. Remember to stop, drop, and roll (if your clothing catches fire) and avoid choking on smoke. Avoid touching warm door handles or using elevators. Do not waste time trying to save objects from the home.

Much of this information is a refresher for fire safety, but do you know what you should do AFTER a fire?

After the fire in your home has been put out, you will begin on the rebuilding process. Your home will need to be assessed for structural damage and should not be entered until the fire department has deemed it safe. Even a partial fire (contained to one room or area of the house) can create pervasive damage – extreme temperatures can warp surfaces and smoke may be absorbed into the wood and walls of the home. This damage requires great care to repair, and you may want to utilize a fire restoration company for help.

Contact Complete Restoration

A restoration company will perform a damage assessment, appraisal, and repair cost estimation. They can repair the dangerous structural damage in your home, as well as work on the smoke damage by cleaning out the residence to remove as much soot and grime as possible before using a powerful deodorizing treatment.

Restoration companies can help you take inventory of the damaged items in your home (which is important for your insurance claim) and move them out of the house so it can be repaired. Some companies even provide cleaning and repair services from furniture to family photos. Make sure to provide your insurance agent with an inventory of your damaged possessions, and save receipts for expenses that are related to the fire.

Using Complete Restoration, a Utah county professional fire restoration company, is the best way to restore your home after a fire. A fire shouldn’t take your place away from you, and they can help make it feel like home again. Contact the fire damage restoration professionals today.

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