DIY post-hurricane Home Restoration

  DIY Home Restoration For those affected by Harvey and Irma, and others dealing with flood damage, we have created easy and simple DIY home restoration steps to help you save your home and [...]


Is Your Sickness Caused by Mold?

Have you ever wondered if a sickness you’re experiencing was caused by mold in your home? Did you know that up to 25% of the population is susceptible to an illness caused by mold? Here is [...]


5 Ways to Help Someone After a Tragedy

Recently, we were touched by the true story of a mother who lost everything in a house fire. Friends and family rushed to her side to support her and her family in any way possible. Even though [...]


Odor Neutralizing Spray

Do you constantly have animal odor showing up in your home? Crazy cat ladies and normal pet owners alike know the struggle of keeping your home odor-free. Here is a QUICK TIP on making your own [...]


Mold Do’s, Mold Don’ts, and Mold Removal!

Did you know that 7 million people die every year from a mold related illness?  This is due to homeowners trying to remove the mold themselves, which in turn only makes it worse! Mold can be a [...]


House Fire Restoration- KSL News

We had a great time meeting Big Buddha a few years back and walking our friends at KSL through the fire damage restoration process at a home in Orem, Utah. Here are some clips from the news story [...]

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